Increase Revenue Using Data-Driven Trade Spend Decisions

Build a data empowered team and drive smarter trade spend investments with Vision by CPG, a Trade Promotion Management and Optimization solution driven by Artificial Intelligence and Scenario Planning.

A Reimagined User Experience

Vision by CPG uses the latest Salesforce technology to deliver you flexibility and speed. The state-of-the-art UI keeps navigation simple at every planning level. Visual slide-out data charts and drag and drop functions put powerful insights at your fingertips.

Profitable Revenue Growth

Calculate the revenue growth you can achieve by managing and optimizing trade spend with CPGToolBox and Salesforce.

Why You Need Vision by CPG


Execute Traditional, Modern & Distributor Trade

Manage trade spend at brick and mortar locations, e-commerce retailers and indirect business accounts

Handle Multi-Channel TPx

Overcome blind spots and gain visibility into the entire supply chain

Integrate All Your Data

Data from multiple sources is fully integrated and optimized in one location to maximize real-time responsiveness

Increase Speed to Intelligence for Every Member of Your Team



  • Access hub of fully integrated data to improve sales forecasting accuracy
  • Identify and recycle unused funds to drive volume
  • Use scenario planning and AI to generate more profitable events



  • Automated approvals resolve deductions faster and improve speed to cash
  • Match deductions to promotions automatically to eliminate manual processes
  • See all planned, committed, and remaining fund balances so there are no surprises



  • View P&L of promotions, accounts and products to know when to pivot strategies
  • Compare actual versus planned spending to identify and improve forecasting inefficiencies
  • Gain insights into accrual management to evaluate processes affecting revenue growth


  • Compare promotional plans with AOP targets to keep a pulse on business and react accordingly
  • Convert consumption forecast to a shipment forecast to improve forecasting with less effort
  • Tie Annual Operation Plan targets to user entered forecasts to measure performance accurately

Integrate Vision by CPG and Trade Intelligence to access the most advanced trade spend analytics in one easy to use system.