Episode 1: Target Management

Seventy five percent of CPG manufacturers still track their trade spend activity on spreadsheets. The possibility for error is significant when CFOs try to track two or three hundred million dollars using a spreadsheet. New technology offers better solutions to these old problems. By leveraging a digital solution, you can speed up, simplify, and optimize Trade Promotion Management.

Episode 2: Promotion Calendar

Adding your planning data into a digital solution is quicker, more organized, and more easily inputted than a spreadsheet. Perhaps more importantly, your data is broadly visible to various departments within the organization. Building and managing trade promotions on an interactive calendar simply makes the process of planning, evaluating, and adjusting much faster and much more transparent.

Episode 3: Volume Forecasting

Did you know that 40% of events get moved at some point in their life cycle? CPG manufacturers are always looking to speed up volume forecasting and optimize an otherwise mind-numbing process. In just a few clicks, there is a way to look at your actual sales and actual spending combined with your planned or forecast events. The resulting number can serve as a barometer for your forecast and will give you a very clear picture of how you’re going to end the year.