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Optimizer CG

Optimize trade spend and create account plans that deliver.

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Make your data work for you

Making your data work for you requires multiple sources combined with the latest intelligent systems. By leveraging mathematical, statistical and advanced deep learning machine models, the analysis and insights reveal performance metrics that make a difference in the decision process.

Utilizing built-in data cleansing and mapping tools, Optimizer CG can find hidden relationships in the data identifying independent variables that impact the forecast allowing for consideration in model inclusion.

This provides vital input into automatic promotion creation by calculating accurate baseline and incremental volumes.

Optimize trade spend and account plans that deliver

With multiple financial targets, product mix, price mechanics, consumer tactics, costs and business rules, the promotion plan options are overwhelming! Optimizer CG provides powerful, data-driven analysis and possibilities that are accurate, quick and easy to use.

Using dynamically adjusted proprietary Optimization models, Optimizer CG can manage any defined goal including volume, margin or revenue while minimizing trade spend needed to achieve it.

Optimizer CG can either create a brand new set of promotions or use existing committed plans as a starting point to bridge the gap between outlook and target.

Gain vastly improved analysis of your trade activities

With a deep understanding of post event analysis utilizing insights to build winning plans, Optimizer CG provides critical analysis of predicted models.

What-if provides the key account and revenue managers with robust fact-based insights enabling improved rapid decision making delivering agility for business and account planning.

Scenario Planning provides simulated trade-off for commercial and strategic targets for comparison before committing a plan for execution. Analysis of data provides additional insights on how well the business is doing validating what strategies are most effective ensuring financial targets are met.

Developed by Consumer Goods experts for Consumer Goods professionals


Set of over 25 predefined dashboards reports and analytics models for commercial and account management.

Understand trade spend effectiveness through P&L views, pre/post event analysis, price sensitivity and a variety of win/win reports.

Target Management

Engage all stakeholders through a top-down and bottom-up budget process.

Make changes anywhere in account and product hierarchy by value and ratio.

Integrate approval processes using configurable workflow.

Scenario Management

Scenario Planning provides simulated trade-off to meet different targets and allows for comparison of results before committing a plan for execution.

Optimize to different financial goals of volume, revenue and margin.

Real time plan changes filling gaps from market changes throughout the year.

Promotion Plans

Interact with the auto generated plan through a calendar view.

Add, edit, remove promotions and rerun optimization to fine tune the final plan.

Export to Excel or your TPM tool for execution.