Hi there! My name is Mark.

CEO, Chief Architect & Founding Partner of CPGToolBox

Most TPx solution providers can’t brag about their Chief Architect because, well, they don’t have one! Mark is a rare breed with a very particular set of problem-solving skills. There are very few who can do what Mark does, especially in the TPx space.

“If Mark cannot find a solution, no one can,” says Ann Wakefield, Director of Sales Operations at American Pet Nutrition.

What is a Chief Architect, anyway?

Contrary to what you may think, a Chief Architect is not a coder. Mark has a high-touch, customer-facing role here at CPGToolBox. Sure there is dev work involved, but Mark spends most days meeting and listening with customers to learn more about their specific business needs. After all, you have to know and understand a problem to develop a process to solve it.

Solving TPx Pain Points

There is no one better at manipulating Salesforce technology to solve TPx pain points than Mark. He knows all the nuts and bolts, how to piece them together and how to make them fire on all cylinders.  Mark uses that deep insider knowledge to continuously build new functionality that Consumer Goods companies need in the CPGToolBox solution.

“Mark built CPGToolBox and understands the front and backend of the system,” says Wakefield. “He works with us to develop processes that fit our unique requirements.”

The Co-Founder

It’s been a decade since Mark was first asked to help a colleague build a single-use trade promotion management widget. That side hustle quickly turned into a formal business plan to launch CPGToolBox. Mark spent his entire career working with Salesforce technology and was among the first to recognize how the cloud platform could be leveraged to solve ineffective trade spend processes. 

“Even though Mark is the senior CPGToolBox expert, he is accessible, responsive, and gives us confidence in the continued reliability of the tool,” says Wakefield.

Fun facts we bet you didn’t know…

He’s car guy

In fact, Mark is a car aficionado who loves off-roading adventures.

CPGToolBox is a family affair

Mark’s wife is also the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

Dad and Daughter Duo

He passed the thrill of autocross onto his daughter.

Like Father, Like Son

He passed his love of the outdoors to his son.