Hi there! My name is Kristoffer.

Director of Solution Engineering at CPG Vision

Kris Tesch lives at the crossroads of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, wearing many hats while paving the way for client success. Every step of the way, he puts people first, leveraging years of know-how from his experiences in the field and behind the scenes to drive extraordinary results. He truly walks the walk, bringing out the best in what TPx technology has to offer for clients.

“Kris provides multifaceted expertise for both the technical and business sides of implementation. He enables clients to understand complex technical processes and explains why specific technical functions are key to success in business,” says Julia Luu of Alpha Foods.

Aligning with Client Goals

Kris believes in the power of transparency and visibility to drive trust. In turn, he works diligently to understand the goals of CPG Vision clients, develop clear metrics for success, and make progress in pursuit of solutions. Throughout the process, his genuine nature and uplifting outlook forge relationships to last a lifetime.

“Kris makes every effort to support clients, building strong business connections along the way. He focuses on client needs, works with a positive attitude, and constantly looks for solutions,” says Elisavet Mangos of Abbott.

Facilitating Seamless System Adoption

CPG Vision puts the right tools in client toolboxes. Kris empowers clients to integrate them seamlessly. He looks at the adoption puzzle from both points of view, leveraging his technical acumen and user perspective to help clients crawl, walk, and eventually run without costly bottlenecks.

Even after clients are on the right track, Kris continues to work hand-in-hand with teams to ensure outstanding outcomes.

Providing Strategic Insight

While CPG Vision offers robust trade optimization solutions, it’s people like Kris who bridge the gap between potential and performance. Through his perspective and willingness to go above and beyond, Kris engineers actionable solutions from start to finish for clients. He views himself as part of each client’s team as opposed to just a launch guy. Through his work, he lives for the lightbulb moment when goals and improved processes are actualized.

When Kris Isn’t Empowering Clients, He’s…

Spending time with his family

Kris has a blended family with a loving wife, four kids, six dogs, and two cats.

Tending to his ranch

In the heart of Bells, Texas, Kris tends to eleven chickens, seven cows, two horses, one donkey, and one soon-to-be-born calf.

Jamming out on guitar

A music aficionado, Kris loves listening to loud music and strumming away on his six string.

Cooking up homemade barbecue

If there’s one thing Kris enjoys as much as Sunday night football, it’s making homemade barbecue on his smoker with bourbon on the rocks by his side.

Seeking the perfect sunset

There’s nowhere Kris would rather spend an evening than looking out over the wide open Texas skyline at a sunset.