Hi there! My name is Connie.

VP of Business Application at CPGToolBox

For years, Connie used spreadsheets to budget, plan and manage trade activities, and boy, can she relate to the daily grind that goes into analyzing trade funds! She puts her trade analytics journey and industry experience into action daily to empower clients to take full advantage of TPx technology.

“Connie knows the Consumer Goods business and knows what’s needed to manage promotions effectively,” says Micky Pettipost, Director of Sales at Slimfast.

An Invaluable Resource

Connie is a resource, not tech support. With Connie, you have access to a trade analyst and a strategist who knows how to apply data to trade business operations. CPGToolBox clients can call upon Connie and her trade analytical wizardry to troubleshoot base and lift calculations or evaluate promotion outcomes to drive more volume.

“Connie provides thought-leadership on how best to maximize the platform and improve how we manage our business more effectively and efficiently,” says Jim Davock, Chief Sales Officer at PANOS Brands.

Trade Analytical Wizardry

Yes, the CPGToolBox solution simplifies and automates trade analytics. But, with Connie’s additional guidance, clients learn how to mine their data and leverage better insights. She meets with clients weekly to go deeper into the diagnostics and develop more strategic, data-driven approaches. Her on-the-spot consulting, coaching and hyper care is a gamechanger for clients.

“Connie works with us to come up with long-term solutions to help us get the most value out of our TPx investment.  Her partnership is invaluable,” says Brian Uhlmann, Director of Business Intelligence at Velocity Snack Brands.

Bringing it Full Circle

After strategizing with clients, Connie shares feedback directly with the CPGToolBox development team. Every client conversation drives the CPGToolBox roadmap to enhance capabilities and address emerging needs.

“We would all be more productive and more efficient with more Connie Whitehouse’s in the world,” says Rick Grossman, Senior Director of Sales-East at La Colombe Coffee Roasters.

Fun facts we bet you didn’t know…

She’s a hockey Mom

Both of Connie’s sons play hockey.

You can find her in the garden

Shishito peppers are her prize crop.

The great outdoors is her happy place

Her go-to activity is hiking with her husband.