CPGToolBox Is Salesforce Lightning Certified

Kennesaw, GA (August 14, 2018) – CPGToolBox, a Trade Promotion Management (TPM) software solution provider and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) of Salesforce.com, has officially launched the new Lightning version of its Trade Planner™ platform.  The fully upgraded TPM platform harnesses the latest technology innovations from Salesforce.com to deliver Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies a more intelligent, intuitive, and overall faster way to plan and analyze trade promotions.

The TPM Lightning Experience on CPGToolBox Trade Planner debuts a modern, single page interface with streamlined navigation to enhance the user experience and boost user productivity. With fewer steps, clicks and toggling, the Lightning certified platform is easier to use and learn accelerating user training and company-wide adoption. A host of upgraded features, including better reporting, on-screen data, cloning, and a far superior interactive planning calendar, are optimized to generate faster results.

“CPG companies who utilize the Lightning version of Trade Planner will be able to manage the entire lifecycle of a promotion in less time and with less effort,” says Rick Pensa, CEO of CPGToolBox.  “Planning trade events, forecasting volume, clearing deductions – it’s all easier, quicker, and smarter. CPGs can generate actionable insights faster than ever, so more time can be spent driving collaboration with retailers, assessing promotional outcomes, and reducing overall trade spending rates.”

As the fast-paced CPG industry continues adjusting to e-commerce and shrinking shelf space, improving the speed of information to remain competitive has become a priority. A Forrester Research study commissioned by Salesforce.com recently quantified the time-saving benefits that come with Lightning, the newest version of Salesforce.com. The findings revealed that an organization deploying Lightning-ready software, such as CPGToolBox Trade Planner, increased productivity by up to 25 percent and saved more than an hour a week in productivity over three years.

“The fact that CPGToolBox Trade Planner is built on the Salesforce.com Lightning platform means we can pass all the proven productivity enhancements directly to CPG companies and help them take trade management to the next level.”

About CPGToolBox
CPGToolBox is a North American business and ISV partner of Salesforce.com dedicated to bringing relevant sales and marketing tools to the Consumer Goods industry. The CPGToolBox Trade Planner™ in the cloud eliminates all related IT hardware, software, infrastructure costs and maintenance concerns. The solution can be deployed quickly and easily allowing manufacturers to be up and running within four months. For more information, visit www.cpgtoolbox.com.