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About Us

Experienced trade promotion leaders.

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CPG Vision

CPG Vision is a leader in trade spend management and optimization. We deliver simple, easy-to-use TPx solutions that help Consumer Goods companies drive revenue growth by increasing the efficiency of their trade spend budgets.

Industry Knowledge

We offer CG companies decades of industry knowledge and hands-on TPM experience

Agile Functionality

We build solutions on Salesforce to pass architecture, innovations and cost savings to customers

User Friendly Interfacing

We develop quick-to-learn, user-friendly solutions to support customer adoption and long-term use

Proven Success Partners

We partner with PolSource to ensure implementation takes less time and customers achieve a quicker ROI

Customer Success

Our Customer Success department is packed with years of industry expertise in trade analytics, data and best-in-class practices

Our Leadership Team

Meet The Team Behind the Solution

The Team Behind the Solution: Meet Kris

The Team Behind the Solution: Meet Kris

Hi there! My name is Kristoffer. Director of Solution Engineering at CPG Vision Kris Tesch lives at the crossroads of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, wearing many hats while paving the way for client success. Every step of the way, he puts people first, leveraging...

The Team Behind the Solution: Meet Mark

The Team Behind the Solution: Meet Mark

Hi there! My name is Mark. CEO, Chief Architect & Founding Partner of CPGToolBox Most TPx solution providers can’t brag about their Chief Architect because, well, they don’t have one! Mark is a rare breed with a very particular set of problem-solving skills. There...

The Team Behind the Solution: Meet Connie

The Team Behind the Solution: Meet Connie

Hi there! My name is Connie. VP of Business Application at CPGToolBox For years, Connie used spreadsheets to budget, plan and manage trade activities, and boy, can she relate to the daily grind that goes into analyzing trade funds! She puts her trade analytics journey...

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