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About Us

Experienced trade promotion leaders.

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CPG Vision

CPG Vision is a leader in Trade Promotion Management and Optimization.

We harness the Salesforce platform to deliver revenue growth to our clients, optimizing trade dollars and operational efficiency – all in the easiest UI in the industry! 

Industry Knowledge

We offer CG companies decades of industry knowledge and hands-on TPM experience

Agile Functionality

We build solutions on Salesforce to pass architecture, innovations and cost savings to customers

User Friendly Interfacing

We develop quick-to-learn, user-friendly solutions to support customer adoption and long-term use

Proven Success Partners

We partner with PolSource to ensure implementation takes less time and customers achieve a quicker ROI

Customer Success

Our Customer Success department is packed with years of industry expertise in trade analytics, data and best-in-class practices

Our Leadership Team

Our Board of Directors

Mark Litherland |  Art Roldan | Adam Bartkowski

Valued Partners